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Founders, Funders, Partners

Our founders, funders and partners all share the vision to increase opportunities for growth and innovation in Manitoba. Each understands the importance of giving public access to affordable prototyping and fabrication to ignite creative potential. If you or your company is interested helping us build the most accessible and successful prototype and fabrication facility in our province, see how you can be involved through sponsorship, business or individual memberships.

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Princess Autoseccuris3DSystemsCimetrixCircle DesignFormechFabbalooTechnology RevolutionThe Eureka Projectramp up manitobaHigh Speed CrowCreaformMTS

Founders: Seccuris, Princess Auto, Eureka Project, High Speed Crow, Technology Revolution, Fabbaloo, Xadi Technologies

Leaders:  MTS, Circle Design, Cimetrix, Formech, 3D Systems, Creaform, Linear Systems

Partners: Ramp Up Manitoba




sincere thanks to our founders, funders, and partners




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