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Our Members range from entrepreneurs, artists, and engineers to architects, scientists, and technologists. Get to know us by browsing our Meetup space and see our Services & Equipment for some of the benefits of membership. Membership is available for individuals or organizations and can be by the month, quarterly  or by the year. Members must be 18 years of age or receive permission from the directors. Every potential member is also required to attend standard orientation and safety training prior to receiving 24-hour access to the space. Sign-Up Today | Email with your questions | Come by for a tour

Fees & Dues

Caution Deposit (Refundable). Submission of a Caution Deposit is compulsory for every member before receiving 24×7 access to the facility. The Caution Deposit is $150 for the Monthly Individual Membership and all other Membership Levels are $50. The Caution Deposit will be debited only if required to offset outstanding debts including personal consumables, damage to equipment, payments owed, etc. The entire amount is refundable or transferable to your renewal (minus any outstanding debts) when your membership ends. If we use all or a portion of your Caution Deposit, renewing members will need to resubmit or top up this deposit.

General Consumables and Damage Dues (Non-Refundable).GC&D’ dues are applied to various consumable items required for ongoing equipment maintenance, service and damage. This would include, but is not limited to, broken drill bits, cleaning neglect, printer maintenance, and on-site consumables used but not declared, etc. These dues are mandatory and non-refundable. They are already added to the cost of memberships.

Ramp Up Manitoba (Startup Office Space) Built (literally) by the community, for the community. This space is a shining example of what can be done when a community works together towards a common goal. The space offers affordable desk space, meeting rooms, kitchen, lounge area, and is down the hall from our partners at AssentWorks. $50. per space.

QUARTERLY MEMBERSHIPS (90 Days of Making! Our Best Value!)
  • Pay for 3 months: $390/quarter (90 days) plus GST.
       ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS (365 Days of Making!)
  • Annual Individual Membership: $1400/year plus GST.
  • Annual Business Membership $1750/year plus GST for the first business member.
  • Annual Business Add-On $900/year plus GST when a first business member has the Annual Business Membership. Up to 5 Business Add-Ons are eligible.
     ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP (30 Days of Making!)
  • Monthly Individual $150/month (30 days) plus GST.
  • Monthly Business $175/month (30 days) plus GST for the first business member.
  • Monthly Business Add-On $75/month (30 days) plus GST when a first business member has the Monthly Business Membership. Up to 5 Monthly Business Add-Ons are eligible.
  • Annual Membership $50/year plus GST.
  • Access to all AssentWorks news, special announcements, product information, all member discussions, and more…
  • Annual Membership $250/year plus GST.
  • Access to everything in the Networking Membership Plus priority access to special events at no additional cost.

Ramp Up Startup Office Space:  $50/month (30 days) flat rate plus GST.


Volunteer and Referral Credit

For those who would like to lower their member rates by volunteering, we apply your volunteer hours as credit to your regular member account. An excellent option for students! You can lower your monthly rate by $40 for eight (8) hours a month of volunteer time.

Members can reduce their member rates further by referring a new member to AssentWorks. Ask us for details!


For organizations that want to join for an extended period, we are willing to work with you to find a fair member price for your commitment. If you are an innovation-driven company interested in becoming a sponsor or partner and using our great facility as a way to enhance your current production, check out our Sponsor Page.

Payment Options

Payments can be made via PayPal, by Credit Card, Cheque, or with Cash.



sincere thanks to our founders, funders, and partners