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Our Equipment

We add equipment all the time and our on-going, basic tutorials can get you started with any item. If you have in-depth knowledge, you will be very welcomed to share that knowledge with others. If you have a question about our current equipment, email us at  or the best way to find out more, is to come for a tour!

  • Rapid Prototyping: 3D Printers: Connex 260, Connex Waterjet, BFB 3000, uPrint Plus, Fortus 400mc, FinishingTouch Smoothing Station, Zprinter 650, CubeX, CleanStation SRS-DT3, ZW4 Waxer, Creaform VIUScan, Cabela Vibratory Polisher, Microsoft Kinect;
  • CNC Wood Room: CNC Mill (Tormach PCNC 1100); CNC Router (Shopbot Alpha 96); ShopBot 5-Axis, RSI Cobra 7-Axis, CNC Plasma Cutter (ArcLight 4 x 8′ water table), GMM-949V Knee Mill, Iroquois SPP40/75 Ironworker, BD920W Manual Metal Lathe;
  • Laser room: Universal Laser 12.75, Epilog Helix 24, Epilog Fiber 50, Plotter.
  • Textile room: Vinyl Cutter (Graphtec 54″), Sewing Machine, HP DesignJet 130NR, Plotter (HP DesignJet); Vacuum Forming (Formech 660); Xerox Synergix 8825 Printer;
  • Electronics, Lab and General Shop: Air Compressor; Sand Blaster; Lab Scale; Moisture Analyser; Control Chamber (Thermo Shock Testing Environmental Control Dual Chamber; Incubator; Circuit Board prototyping machine and plotter LPKF Protolaser System S; LPKF Protomat S103, ProtoPlace S; LPKF ProtoFlow; Scale, Box Cutter.
  • Metal Working: Bending Brake; Metal Grinder; Lathe; MIG Welder; TIG Welder, Roller Press; Throatless Shear; Pipe Bender; Horizontal Band Saw; Knee Mill
  • Wood Working: Band Saw; Sawstop Table Saw, Jointer, 24″ Planer, Panel Saw, Jet 14″ Open Stand Band Saw, Thickness Planer, Drill Press, Belt Sander; Miter Saw; Table Saw; Cabinetry; General Wood Working Tools

Our Services

In addition to our great equipment, AssentWorks provides on-going education, collaborating opportunities for individuals, access to supplies at great prices, and the storage space you need for your own project material.

We can also introduce you to the people that can help take your project to the next level. In conjunction with Ramp Up Manitoba, we can connect marketable ideas with the talent needed to launch them.

Rented Space

AssentWorks has a large space that we are developing and are eager to speak to individuals or businesses who may require project workspace, storage space with 24 x 7 hour access, or other uses. Please Contact Us with any inquiry.


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