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123D Catch!
Published on October 8, 2013

image Is it real or merely a scan of Robert that’s been 3D printed? It is amazingly realistic, as you can see in this image of a recent 3D print at AssentWorks. The color looks almost better then in real life (sorry, Robert)!

It is evidence of the advanced 3D printing technology and expertise available at AssentWorks. Producing such an item is not easy, though. Much tinkering took place and many hours were spent to 3D Print “Robert”.

AssentWorks has that expertise. Kerry Stevenson is one of AssentWorks founders, Directors and the editor of Fabbaloo, one of the world’s most popular news sites dedicated to 3D Printing. Kerry is one of several at AssentWorks that has the skill to produce items like Robert.

Come out and see for yourself. Visit AssentWork:

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